Our Mission

The Houston Viola Society serves to create a community among the professional, amateur, and student violists in the Greater Houston area and Southeast Texas region.  The HVS promotes interest in the viola by encouraging performance and recording at the highest artistic level, promoting the continued study and research of our instrument and its repertoire, and by providing a vehicle for the ongoing development of the fraternal bond among violists. The Houston Viola Society includes among its members noted professional violists, teachers, students, amateurs, viola and bow makers, repairers and dealers, and friends of music.

Each season, HVS presents a series of concerts with programs of depth and imagination, offering new and rarely heard works along with more standard repertoire in concert halls and non-traditional venues. Through its concert series and other activities, HVS seeks to provide opportunities for performance and study by violists as well as encourage a better understanding of the viola by local concert audiences and the public.

The Houston Viola Society was founded in 2017 by Whitney Bullock and Dawson White, their colleagues, and others who shared their interest and vision. From its beginning, HVS has sought to:

  • serve violists, student, professional and amateur, in the greater Houston area and Southeast Texas region
  • celebrate the talents and the lives of performing violists, teachers of the viola, composers of music for the viola, makers of violas and viola bows, and colleagues of related disciplines
  • provide a forum for violists and scholars, amateurs and friends alike to engage and network
  • enhance the image and status of the viola as a solo, chamber, and orchestral instrument
  •  popularize the viola as a solo instrument through performance in standard and non-traditional spaces, commissioning and recording works for the viola
  •  assist young violists through scholarship and outreach in schools
  • further these goals through publications and archival collection